Post #4 from 1/19/2008

Come one – Come all.  It’s a huge place and just the two of us here – not counting chickens, cats & dogs.

Be forewarned – everyone is telling us it’s haunted and how the ghosts have stolen things from them or frightened them.  The family cemetary is right outside.  We’re happy to let locals believe what they want since the maid service told us everyone is scared of this place and no one will come out to steal anything from us – also can’t get them to come out here and work either.

Home has had a real past this last 30 years or so since the original family sold it in an estate dispute but maintained the thousands of acres around it.  Was owned by a couple of gay guys who threw “scandalous” parties and really added pizzaz to the house (brick walkways, fountains, etc.).  Turns out they embezzeled all the money and home had to be turned over to company they stole it from.  Then owned by family with 5 small boys till the couple divorced.  Then used as brothel/bordello or place where local prostitutes stayed (depending on whose story you listen to).

However, we believe it’s blessed and God led us here for a purpose.  Angola prison is 20 miles down the road and we plan to offer the home to ministry groups servicing the prison and family members visiting loved ones.  We’ve already taken down the sign by the road that said “Indian Fields Plantation” and are replacing it with one that says “Bethel”.  It is to be used for God’s purposes.  There was a prophecy spoken over us that led me to come to this home a month ago and put a note on the door and the owners sold me the home and offered me all of the antiques they had in it.  They had never actually lived here, except for a short time after Katrina (they are from New Orleans) but used it for special events.  Maybe it was the ghosts that scared them off or maybe it was God – you all come and decide for yourselves.

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