Post from 1/18/2008

Today is Jan. 18, 2008 and the first chance I’ve had to post anything new since our move Christmas weekend to our “farm”.  There’s a lot of work to do but the girls all got moved and have settled into their new digs.  We moved them Christmas night after they had gone to roost.  I put hay and pine shavings in bottom of cardboard boxes and put 3-4 chickens in each box.  Then taped all boxes securely and loaded them in back of hubbys truck.  Also in cabin of truck with us were the other dog and 4 cats – so 13 chickens, 4 cats and a dog and us drove the two hours to our new home late Christmas night.

There are two old buildings just behind the main home that are also about 100 years old.  One obviously used as a chicken coop because it still had nest boxes and roosts – the other seems to have been converted to a little girls play house but they are joined by a picketed yard.  We have to put a new front door on it because the old one was very heavy and had fallen off but we’ve added chicken wire to inside to cover all holes and plastic sheeting on outside for cold.  It has electricity so I have lights in there and added a heater on the freezing nights (like tonight).

Here’s pics

Front of coop – waiting for new door:

Back of coop has a smaller door that I use:


There was even an old toilet in coop which I left thinking I would leave it open with hay in it so they could use it for a nest box.

Nest boxes – which they began using first morning:

The run gate can be opened to the next yard for a larger fenced run:

And there was an old rabbit pen which I removed the wire so the girls can use it for cover.  They seem to like it.

I still allow the girls to free-range from morning till dark but I do lock the coop up at night – cause I’m hearing that we even have bears here.

There’s brick walkways all over the property and the girls stroll the brick paths like they were meant just for them.  I call this “follow the red brick road”.

Finally – seems like Ruth’s gone broody.  Found her in horse stalls this morning with a stash of 8 eggs

Well….that’s it for my updates.  We’ve been so busy going back and forth with the move and though hubby and I may have had to do some adjusting to freezing weather and a 100 year old home – the girls seem to love it.  I was worried because the hawks swarm 8 – 12 at a time but the girls seem to know when to hide.

We did, sadly, lose a cat.  Gizmo loved to go and stay in woods all night long where we lived before. He did that here and did not come back.  I’m still hoping he will show up but it’s been a week.

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