Post from 1/19/2008

Hi All  – thanks for the many compliments on our “new” house.  It, and the grounds, need a LOT of work.  No one has actually lived here in many years.  Has been owned by people who only used it as a second home or for an occasional weekend.  There’s 100 years of rot and sag and overgrowth that needs to be tended to.  And, yes, we (mostly me) will do it all ourselves.  I rise early and chop/trim hedges and work outside till dark then come in and start on refinishing floors and cleaning years of bugs and dirt.  It will be a lifetime labor of love to restore.  Looks really great in pictures though.

Speaking of pics – here’s the girls’ first snow.  At first they stopped to eat it but then ran around in it like it was nothing.

Of course, it’s Rex’s first snow too.

And here’s a picture a city girl from New Orleans doesn’t often take (her black chicken in a courtyard covered in white snow):

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