Post from 12/17/2008

Moving to the farm was a dream but more importantly it is God’s plan for us.  We’re not quite sure what the plan entails but He did lead us here for a reason.  Part of the reason seems to be coming clearer.  We recently joined a local church. It is a small, all black church in a racially divided, racist town.  There’s a huge divide in the welfare/poor/blacks and the land baron whites.  The schools are separate and I swear there are days when I still see the “whites only” signs near drinking fountains.  O.K. you know I’m exaggerating that but you get the idea.  DH and I will never be fully accepted in this town.  But what’s important is that the Lord told us to go to this church and He had previously told the Pastor we would be coming.  We were greeted more warmly and openly in that church and by it’s members than we have been by any of the whites in town.  The church members have already been calling on us with offers to help and offers to take DH fishing/hunting.  The pastor is rallying the Mens Group to come out and start working and helping us get the fences and barns and stables in shape.  He too feels that the Holy Spirit is blowing through here and that there will be a purpose for this place.  They will be helping us to put in a large garden in Spring.  So maybe God’s plan and purpose is finally starting to take shape.  We can finally use the material things we have been blessed with to help others and to show others that His Love applies to everyone, not just the ones that have the same skin color and belong to the same church.  When Jesus said that the second most important commandment was to “Love Thy Neighbor” He didn’t say “Only the ones that look like you.”

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