Post from 4/11/2008

Thanks all for the compliments about the house.  We are loving it here.

Just had to catch a bat tonight that got in last night while doors were open.  My husband’s bright idea last night was to close off the downstairs where the bat was and just go to bed at 9:30.  Well of course bat hid somewhere all day and then started flying around as soon as it got dark.

Here’s some pics of my potato garden and my kitchen garden that are starting to grow.  I’m using the 100 year old manure/dirt that is still in barn stalls and things are growing like crazy.

I’m trying to start small with gardening to get the hang of it and to not plant more than I can tend to.

If you’ve looked at my other thread you’ll see I’m hatching and raising baby chicks of every breed and baby ducks right now.  It’s been lots of fun.  So as not to duplicate things you can check out that thread for flock/chicken updates.

Hey Beefy – don’t believe those hedges keep the chickens out for a nano second.  They jump right over the hedges – heck they jump the picket fences too.

Soonerdog – you’re right I don’t have any adult roosters but have two RIR’s that are 3 weeks old and 2 BRs that are 7 weeks old and I think a couple of EEs that are also 7 weeks old.  So by continuously hatching eggs I’ve gone from 13 chickens to 50 and from no roosters to too many roos.  Things should really start to get interesting when these baby roos mature.

Well now I have a big bat buzzing by my head.  I’m guessing now that it’s spring all sorts of creepy crawlies are going to start showing up.  Where’s my brave husband?  In bed and refuses to get up and do anything about the bat.

It’s been an interesting week – found a dead possum with a live little baby I tried to hand feed; had a huge snake get in Ms. Broodys nest; Ms. Broody got killed; two bats in house tonight.  It’s definitely not boring here.

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