Post from 4/23/2008

Well not many updates around here other than chicks and ducks everywhere eating me out of house and home.  But funny story today of how my hubby is making us the laughing stock of the town.  While I am working hard to get the farm in shape for whatever the Lord has in mind for us hubby has the town folk laughing their heads off at us.

The other day he was in the hardware store buying a long fishing net telling the guy that he was going to catch the bats that get in the house.  That guy still hasn’t stopped laughing (happens he was born in this house built by his grandfather).  He said “Would ya’ll please let me know what time at night this show starts so I can come over and see it?”

He calls a woman in town who raises cows and tells her he’s interested in getting some cows.  She says “What kind of cows do you want?”  He says “Oh I don’t know.  I just want to get some calves and put them in the pasture and see what happens.” sad  She proceeds to tell him that he can’t have any of her registered Angus cows and she will call around and see if anyone has some cheap cows or sick cows or something disposable since he obviously knows nothing about cows and “just wants to put some calves in pasture and see how it goes.”

So he doesn’t stop there.  Proceeds to tell her I raise chickens and that “they freerange”.  Again she laughs and says basically “boy you must be from the city.  This is the country – around here you don’t tell anyone your chickens free range.  Of course they free range – where else would they be except running around the farm?”

Now that he has most of the town folk laughing at us and calling us stupid city people – I’ve asked him to stop making these phone calls.

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