Post from 5/1/2008

Well here are some current updates from the farm.

1.  My daughter got married April 26th.  Here are me and my three “real” babies at rehearsal dinner the night before.  The bride is on right in photo.

2.  Flower planters and beds that seemed dead/empty were left to see what would bloom and flowers are coming up everywhere.

3.  Our flock is steadily expanding so we built new stadium-style roosts in hen house yesterday.

4.  Updates on flock:

Newest member – a blue ameracauna hatched a few hours ago – already eating and drinking and not fully dry/fluffed.

Ducks are really getting big and make a muddy/wet mess of hen house so they have a pool outside and now have hanging waterers inside.

Well, it’s always busy here on the farm these days.  The mailman just dropped off my box of Blue Orp eggs from Speckledhen and they are going in bator as soon as the last one in there finishes pipping in an hour or so.  Perfect timing Cyn.  I have some BC Marans from Mergmet coming soon too.  So we’ll have not only every color chicken running around but every color of egg.

RChicks wrote: Enjoy your Blessing!!!!

I do so enjoy life here on our little farm and I thank God every day.  Never would have thought chickens could be so much fun and would lead to an entire life-style change.

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