Post from 5/8/2008 (Scarlett)

This is Scarlett – 8 week old female GSD – my combination Birthday/Mother’s Day gift.  Just got her last night.  She is already following me everywhere and sleeping at my feet.

She’s been introduced to the three cats, Rex & Lucy, and all the chickens and ducks already. She will have a big job cut out for her when she gets older and can help guard things around here.

Isn’t she too cute?  She has such a look of intelligence and wisdom in her eyes and has the face of a much older dog.  We’re hoping she will be as much of a benefit to guarding livestock as Rex has been.

She has already gotten to meet everyone, including cats and chickens and ducks.  She seems to be really studying them all and processing it.  I took her into chicken/duck run, on a leash, and at first she wanted to run after them but I gave her a little tug and told her “no”.  After that she would just sit by my feet and watch them all.  I’ll work with her every day.

Kind of tired now – was up all night with her crying off and on every time I tried to move my hand.  She slept by my bed and I had to try and sleep with one hand hanging over and petting her.  Tonight I’ll move the kennel back in house.  We had to go buy her a new bed of her own and new toys – just like having a new baby in house.  She has learned so much already I know she will be very smart and she will have Rex to teach her a few things.

southernsibe wrote:

What a pretty girl!!!!
She looks like a very old soul.

Rachel – you pinpointed it exactly.  I kept telling my husband she has an old look to her face and eyes and he just didn’t understand what I was trying to say.  But you’re right – “a very old soul” – which is why I picked her out.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes – Rex seems to like her o.k.  Till he came in and saw she had a new bed and new toys and he started taking them.  Of course she hadn’t even played with them yet since we had just gotten home so he thought they were for him. But when I took them away from him and gave them to her he growled at her.  Made me realize we haven’t bought him toys since he was a puppy.  He used to have a whole basket of them and knew each by name and I would buy something else every other day and give it a name and he always knew them apart.  But I showed him that we bought him two new bags of balls and we played with him and as long as he has balls to play with he’s a happy camper.

Took Scarlett through the chicken run this morning, on a leash.  At first she wanted to run after the chickens but I gave her a little tug and told her “no” and she just sat by me and watched them.  You can just see her thinking and processing this brave new world.

From 5/9/2008

True – you shouldn’t surprise someone with an animal/pet for a gift.  But, in this case, I got her myself.  I had been wanting a female GSD for 5 years since we got Rex.  Hubby and I had just been talking about getting one the other day when Wed. I took our cat in to be neutered and guess what’s on their bulletin board – just posted – GSD puppies for sale.  I came home, called the woman, found out she had 1 black&tan female, told her I would be there in an hour and then waited till hubby got off conference call he was on to tell him what I had done.  Used the excuse that it’s what I wanted for my birthday.  He said “O.K. but daughter and I had decided to get you the mini goats you wanted.”  I told him that was so sweet but I’d rather have the dog.  Besides we need another guard dog to watch over the animals we are quickly adding to our farm. smile

She’s learning so quickly.  Caught on to “go pee” really fast.  Then would pee look up for praise, take a few steps, pee again, more praise, again, all the while watching me and you could just see what she was thinking.

I put her on leash and take her through The Yard (hen house and run) and she takes in everything.  The young chicks and ducklings and older chickens and ducks are already getting used to seeing her there and she just walks calmly by my side taking it all in.

I think she’s going to be a great addition to the farm and a great asset when she gets older as well as a great companion for Rex – whom we might start calling Rhett.  Don’t think he’ll notice the slight pronunciation difference – he thinks his name is MOVE anyway since I say it to him a million times a day.

From 6/4/2008

Here’s some updates on our little Miss Scarlett.  She went to vet today for more puppy shots and had gained 10 pounds over last three weeks.  We thought we would lose her initially.  She got so sick first three days we had her she nearly died – couldn’t walk – wouldn’t eat or drink.  Of course vet was closed for weekend.  I called lady that sold her to me and she started doing a lot of fast talk about the puppies having hook worms.  We had to resort to giving her Poly-Vi-Sol and our pharmacist made up some liquid iron drops for us and we partially cooked raw liver and diced it up in tiny bites to get her to eat and to get through the weekend.  When I took her to vet the vet had already seen one of the other puppies and told me they were loaded with hook worms.  By that time Scarlett tested negative but I had started her on medicine as soon as the lady told me what was wrong.  Anyway, today she is a very active puppy who loves Big Rex and thinks she’s his little Mini Me.

I’m working with her and the chicks/ducks together.  She is very intelligent and already seems to know that she is not to bother them and to just follow them around and sit/lay quietly by.  They have all adjusted to her presence in their coop and run.  She loved their dust hole and laid claim to it one morning.

Rex also went to vet today. Had a little scare when he kept falling down this morning and couldn’t seem to walk straight. Turned out to be tick paralysis.  We used to have a dog that got it all the time but Rex never has.  We use FrontLine Plus but he does stay outside on guard duty and ticks are horrible right now. They soaked him in a tub of something and then dipped him. By this evening he and Scarlett were playing again.

Hey Miriam -up until a couple of days ago I think Rex would have rather not had Scarlett around.  She crawled all over him in that frantic/manic puppy sort of way and he would tolerate it until she got near one of HIS balls or stick then he would growl at her.  He’s bitten her more times than I can count and it doesn’t deter her for a nanosecond.  Of course he’s very gentle and has never actually hurt her or broken skin or anything but he does take her whole nose and snout in his mouth.  She gives a little yip, thinks about it for a nanosecond and then pounces on him again. He’d give me those “please help me” looks.  But as of a couple of days ago he started playing with her.  Very gently play fights and wrestles with her.  They’ll be good friends.

He really needs help guarding this place.  I’m adding so many creatures that he can’t watch them all and be in all places at once.

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