Post from 8/19/2008

I haven’t kept up with updates much on this thread so here goes.

This has been our first summer here and while it is beautiful, it has been hot (100) and dry (drought for weeks).  We have found a man to cut our pastures and open areas with a tractor once a month.  It took several cuttings with bushhog till he got it looking good but now it’s really pretty when freshly cut.  Unfortunately, didn’t take a pic then but these pics show the grass needing to be cut again.

Pond in background – dried up.  We had to shoot a lot of HUGE water moccasins that were out there eating the fish that were exposed and dying.  One nearly got the dogs, especially Scarlett who went righ up to the thing and it started striking at her which got Rex in on the act.  I ran in house to get hubby who couldn’t believe the huge “log” I was pointing at was a snake.

These are the “Parteres” as seen from balcony.  I first I dug them out and started planting roses but couldn’t keep them alive in the heat and drought no matter how much I watered them.  Never have been good at roses. Besides at the time I also had my vegetable garden and lots of baby chicks and ducks so gardens have taken a step back in priorities.  Maybe this fall I can try again.

This is the horse pasture/pecan orchard.

Chicken coop and duck house as seen from balcony.  Notice the original systern still in place which provided water from rooftop to inside house.

And in posting the good pics, got to post the bad.

Here’s issue number 1:  Bats.  Thousands of bats.  They live in porch ceilings and get in around loose columns and leave lots of bat poop and STINK.

Issue number 2 is relatively new:  Bees.  Honeybees I think.  Have taken up residency in bottom of rotten column.  Sometimes the whole side of the house is covered in swarm of bees and looks like it’s painted black.

Till next time….



chiknlady wrote:


Look at that wrap around double porch—circa early to mid 1800’s if I am correct????

Please try to find an apiary to relocate those honey bees… they will most likely do it for free and we need every single bee right now…

Beautiful house–look what chickens lead to….

It is funny what chickens can lead to – lead me here.

The house was built in 1908 but is built exactly like other Greek Revival homes in area that were built in mid-1800s.

There is a honey bee farm near here so I thought I would call them about the bees.  However, I know that they are helpful and will come in handy when I do get to start planting flower gardens and vegetable gardens so I don’t plan to do anything to get rid of them unless they become a problem.  So far, out of sight, out of way.  We do have a contractor that will be starting historical repairs on home soon but the columns are way down on list.  There’s a whole side of house that is rotted and termite infested so it takes priority.  The bats will be the first to go….and before everyone writes and tells me they are federally protected, yeah, yeah, I know.  They will be relocated to a nice bat farm somewhere…right after I box up a few hundred and Express mail them to whoever it is in Washington that thinks they still need to be protected.  See how they like having them buzz by their head while they are sleeping or find them in your snack food by bedside in middle of night – yes, they do find their way in house from time to time.


Thanks Reinbeau – I’ll take a look at that article. I was developing some allergies, sore throat and sinus issues and thought it might be from bat smell that is really strong on second floor in our master bathroom.  So we have been sleeping downstairs lately and it cleared up so may be something to it or just coincidence.  I want to see what the article says because, yes I was sweeping it up daily, hosing off porch, even going into attic where smell would knock you out and spraying deodorizers.

I realize they are endangered in many places but not around here.  Every old home and barn and outbuilding in this area is heavily infested with them, especially the old plantation homes.  But, like all of God’s animals, I know they have their place and I try and honor that.  Someone recently told me the University of Florida’s football stadium was heavily infested and they came up with a way of building a huge bat house and got the bats to move out of stadium and into bat house.  Said they have a website telling how they did it.  I haven’t looked it up yet and I think it was University of Florida but could have gotten the name wrong.

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