Post from 9/2/2008 (Gustav)

Only have time for a quick update and no time to post pics – we’re running off generator right now and probably will be for awhile.  Gustav hit us hard.  See all those huge old Live Oak trees and old pecan orchard trees???? – GONE.  Just demolished.  Sad but we are blessed.  DH’s kids and their spouses and their inlaws all came here for Lafayette to escape the storm and we got hit hardest.  The two closest towns, Natchez and Baton rouge, also have no power so I won’t be able to spend much time on BYC sad – Got to conserve what gas and generator time we have and try and get our work done (our “real” job).

It’s a mess here.  When the giant trees fell they took out the gardens, camelias, and fences.

I’ll post more later.  All is well – God is good.

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