Post from 9/9/2008

Well, the Lord filled our pond.  It had been dry all summer but thanks to 5 days of non-stop rain due to Gustav the pond has water again.

And Rex can swim again.

Don’t think I ever posted the original bathroom facilities – complete with light switch and red brick walkway leading to it. Can you even imagine the days when THIS is where you had to go when you had to GO?

The rain also brought out what I call the Fairy Flowers because they just magically appear out of the ground.  They are all over the property and the woods.

Still have the huge old trees and fences down and lots of clean up to do but sometimes I just have to play Scarlett O’Hara and say “I can’t think about that now.  If I do I’ll go crazy.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.”


Little Miss Scarlett is great now that she has Little Miss Prissy to play with.  Prissy is the stray Min Pin that someone dumped on road in front of our house.  She stayed there two weeks before we could catch her – always would run into woods.  Well the weekend before Gustav hit, Fay hit and we had non-stop storms.  The terrified little pup came up on porch and we caught her. We cleaned her up, took her to vet (she’s the same age as Scarlett, 6 months) and have fallen in love with her.  She sleeps with me and I can’t believe how much I love this little dog.  Her story is on another thread.

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