Monthly Archives: March 2012


Last night my husband, who is well known for his worst case scenario worries, informed me, during dinner, that something was wrong with him.  I asked him what he meant, since that was a leading statement that could mean anything, and he said “Something is wrong with me. Something is wrong with my taste buds. I can’t taste salt.”   I replied “exactly what does that mean?  Does it mean if you stick your tongue to salt you can’t taste it or does it mean your food isn’t salty enough for you?”     He promptly picked up the salt shaker, proceeded to shake out what would be an extreme amount of salt onto his dinner, took a  bite and said “I can’t taste the salt.”  I replied “Oh my gosh.  It’s worse than that.  You can’t see the salt either.”  He replied “what do you mean?”  I said, “well, that salt shaker has been empty for days and obviously you can’t see that nothing is coming out.”  After a quick laugh I said “I think you’re going to be okay.”