I’ll start by saying that from the time I was about 13 years old I’ve always had long, natural (real) fingernails.  And I mean L-O-N-G.  Often, probably too long.  At one point in my life I had them an inch long from the quick because I had heard that nail polish companies would pay a lot of money for long natural nails for use in testing their products.  Okay, so I was a nerdy teenager.  In any event, I kept my nails long for probably 40 years.  I had long nails long before the days of acrylic nails. And they’ve most often been painted red or my favorite Orly color “Terracotta” which is a sort of reddish orange.  But I digress.  Back to my story.  The secret to my long, thick nails was a product called Romeo by Orly.  It was the first nail product Orly made and was a fiber wrap that was used with a ridge filler smoother.  Those two initial products put Orly on the map.  My natural nails were actually quite thin and broke easily so I kept them wrapped with Romeo nail wrap and polish would not chip off of it so it would build up quite thick. Everywhere I went, people would ask me about my nails. I’ve probably referred hundreds of women to Sally’s in search of Romeo.  Well….wouldn’t you know it. After Romeo made Orly a household name, they dropped him. Yes, discontinued him and booted him off the market about 10 years ago.  At first I was able to still find him on the “black market” a/k/a EBay and/or online somewhere but have not been able to find him for quite a while.  Needless to say that combined with starting a farm six years ago and using my hands and nails as digging tools and feed scoops, I’ve not been able to keep my nails long. In fact, I keep them cut to the quick and without polish.  I was looking at my banged up hands and nails the other day and fantasizing about having long beautifully polished nails once again so I decided to write Orly and ask if they would bring Romeo back.  I thought my letter was somewhat witty and even envisioned it making the Orly rounds and maybe impressing someone somewhere who might rethink their decision to divorce Romeo and inspire them to bring him back.  Well, my dreams and aspirations were short lived. What follows is my original email and the one I received back from Orly.  I’m leaving their email exactly as it was written – poor grammar and all. Clearly English is not Kanisha Muslar’s native language.  I would think Orly would at least have Customer Care Representatives who could respond in as witty a manner.  Oh well….maybe I’ll just invent my own nail wrap.


Subject: Product/Ingredient questions

Hi Orly. I’m writing to beg you, yes beg you, to bring back Romeo. I miss him so and my life hasn’t been the same since he left. For a few years I was able to gain access to him through the black market but I’ve not been able to find him in a long, long time. Our love affair has gone on since the mid-1970s. That’s when I first discovered him and began using him daily. For 40 years I’ve loved him. He is the reason my inch long, natural nails were my trademark image. But the only way I could keep my nails that long and beautiful was because of Romeo. Not only did I use the product, I practically sold it to everyone who asked me “who does your nails?” and when I replied “I do” it was always followed by questions as to why they were so long, beautiful and thick. My answer was “Romeo”. For over 20 years I worked my business as a public speaker and corporate trainer, which required world travel, and I’ve sent probably hundreds of women to Sally’s Beauty supply in search of Romeo and even conducted “How to” classes to show other lady friends and relatives my tricks for getting the wrap nice and smooth. Once you took Romeo off the market, my nails began to break, unable to stay long and beautiful without their thick layer of nail wrap. I now own a farm and plantation home that is open for tours and my nails need the security and strength of big, strong Rome more than ever. Please, please, please bring back my lover Romeo. I’m down to the remains of my last black market bottle. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you would eliminate your first product and one that was so great. I miss him. And yes, I’ve tried your newer product but it pales by comparison and does not work the same.

Monique Joseph
FaceBook: Bethel Farms


Orly’s reply:

Hello Monique,
Thank you for your Orly inquiry. Unfortunately we will not be bring back nail product “Romeo”. This product has been discontinued for at least 10 years. We do have another product that contain nail fibers as well called “Nail Armor”, this is for . Is that the new product you are referring to? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kanisha Muslar | Customer Care Representative | Orly International, Inc. | p. 818.994.1001 x 143 | f. 818.994.1144 | E










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